I hailed a taxi on a cold and rainy Friday morning. I was leaving town for the first session of my newest Mastermind Intensive.

I had a chatty cabby.

“Where are you heading?” he asked when I told him to take me to Grand Central.

“To Connecticut.”

“What do you do there?”

“I lead a group of women,” I replied.

“Oh, are you a tour guide?”

Kinda, I thought to myself.

Last Friday I conducted the first session of a yearlong program with 8 remarkable women business owners. The opening exercise I led them through was for them to envision themselves a year from now: what they’d achieve, how it would feel, how much money would be in the bank and how many customers, accounts or whatever they’re counting they would have. The excitement level set the tone for the rest of the day.

My job is to get them to that vision during our time together.

During my brief ride in the cab, I learned that my driver was 75, that he’d never really been in love, but there was this woman he met at the Art Students League whom he was now sweet on. He went on and on about how the value of the taxi medallion had gone from $1 million to $800,00 and that cabbies are defaulting on their loans because of the competition from Uber, etc. and that it’s all the Taxi and Limo Commission’s fault.

Made me think he needs a group where he could process all this and be empowered like the women I work with.

I’m so grateful to be leading women who are positive, forward-thinking, successful and pro-active. I’d be thrilled to take them anywhere, but starting with their futures is exciting for right now.

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