Diana Nyad Wilton Library

Diana Nyad at Wilton Library

You know how they say, “Don’t try this at home alone” ?

That’s good advice, particularly when it comes to changing your perspective. Do you ever get into a funk and think there’s no way out of the mountain you’re facing?

Happened to me already this week. I’ll be reading a personal essay in my Sue Shapiro class tonight and am filled with fear and dread over the feedback and advice I will receive. What if they tear it apart? How will I make it right? Sale-able? The prospect of criticism has me reeling, and I haven’t even gotten my copies made yet.

But, I got out of my house last night and had my perspective drastically changed. I went to hear Diana Nyad speak at the Wilton Library, thanks to the generous invitation from my friend Amy. For those of you who don’t know, she’s the woman who, at 64, swam from Cuba to Key West–100 miles in shark-infested, box jellyfish-filled waters.

jane's vision board 2015

My vision board – Diana Nyad in heart area

Her story made me think twice about the dangers of receiving feedback on my writing. I sprung to my computer this morning to type up my final draft for tonight. Incidentally, Nyad’s image (from behind) is on my vision board.

At my Remarkable Women’s Workshop Monday night, October 26th, we’ll be looking at challenges from a variety of perspectives. I will coach the women who attend to look at what’s holding them back from their own excellence. Diana won’t be there, but there will be a roomful of other supportive women willing to validate, inspire and acknowledge your mountains and options.

Please register right now and join me on Monday.

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