Diane Ripstein greeting crowdsI had the good fortune to not only see Move on the Cha Cha’s Sunday night with a group of close friends, but also to know the creator and star of the show–Diane Ripstein.

Diane had shared her dream with me many years ago of one day performing at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh. That’s history now. She gave a month’s worth of her one-woman show in the summer of 2014. Next on her bucket list was New York City. She got to check that off this week after three performances of her original production.

Over the summer, she dressed up as one of her characters, Bubbe, and took videos of her around the city inviting people to come and see her at UNITED SOLO this fall. She filled the house for all of her performances. Several of us from Connecticut came to see Diane last weekend. We’d gotten to witness bits and pieces of her characters as they were being created.

Nothing prepared me for the stellar execution and dramatic impact of seeing Diane on stage with the lights and sounds amplifying the emotional story she told.

fans of Diane RipsteinHere we are that night–her biggest fan club–sharing her joyful after-theatre celebration.

Congratulations, Diane!

And speaking of Remarkable Women…

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