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Nov 12, 2015

Leigh Scott’s Inspiring Vision Board

Leigh Scott with Vision Board AND Timeline

Leigh Scott with Vision Board AND Timeline

As Leigh Scott gave a group of us a tour of her warm and welcoming farmhouse last month, she took extra time in the master bedroom where her vision board graces the wall opposite the bed.

Good thing she allowed us time and space to process what we were witnessing. You can see from the photo, she and her husband have a vision that is huge. There was a lot to absorb.

Not only was it physically massive, but also, across the bottom of it, was the chronology indicating when each of their visions would be realized. As Leigh got to late 2015, she pointed to the farmhouse image on her poster that closely resembled the exact structure in which we were standing.

What lies ahead on her vision board for 2016 are illustrations of permaculture, a farming practice Leigh has been interested in for as long as I know her. Living on her new property will allow her to participate in this way of life.

I am a strong believer in vision boards and the process of creating your own future. I’ve been designing and mounting these visualization tools for more than a decade. They’ve worked for me, helping me renovate my home, find new love and career opportunities.

Just last month I got to hear Diana Nyad speak, in person at the Wilton Library. She’d been on my board since I moved to New York.Diana Nyad on vision board

You can do this on your own by going through magazines, page by page, and clipping out photos, words and phrases that speak to you, catch your eye or imagination, then pasting them onto a large piece of poster board or mural size, like Leigh’s.

My experience is that most people find greater success doing this in a group setting. Which is why I’m offering a Manifest Your Vision workshop for my final event of 2015. I hope you’ll join me by clicking on this link and registering to come.

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