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Nov 24, 2015

My First Vision Board

the art of the possible

Image on my first vision board

I was sold on the concept of vision boards, dream or treasure maps, whatever you want to call them, since I first heard about them over a decade ago.

I believe in the Law of Attraction – that you draw into your life what you think about. When I was looking to get a new car and wanted to drive a RAV 4 like a friend had, all I saw on I-95 were the unbelievable numbers of RAV 4’s out there.

When my friend Betsy showed us her vision board with a guy on a horse and she explained that she was looking for love at the time, rather than finding an equestrian, she met her future husband, a Sagittarian.Sagittairus

The Universe works in mysterious ways, but it does deliver that which you focus on and define. On my first vision board, in the upper left hand quadrant was the image above. I was attracted to this woman’s engagement in her creative work. I wasn’t sure what it meant in terms of a vision, but I looked at this image daily for months.

Not long after I’d posted my board on the wall of my office, I had breakfast with a colleague. As we were talking about our businesses and future plans, he said, “Jane, you should run a mastermind group for creative women.” I had never put together my skill set and the market I wanted to reach as succinctly as my friend did over coffee and pancakes.

Within a year, I had begun a program, my first intensive, year-long, mastermind group called Jane Pollak’s Arts Forum, affecitionately known among its members as JPAF (jay-paff). I had an extraordinary year with women who took their creativity to levels beyond their imagination – from retired art teacher to exhibiting, award-winning painter, from surface designer to a designer of collections, etc.

What knocked me out was at a session where one of our members had the spotlight. As she was laying out her work on the floor for us to see, I felt a tug on my heart and a flash of recognition. “Hold that pose,” I instructed Malene Barnett, so I could take the shot below. My intuition had recognized my heart’s work before my mind could define it.

And then another image popped up from another creative woman I know, Jeanine Esposito. Look at them then and now.

Ready to make your own vision board? Join me on December 7 at 6pm in Westport. Click here for the details and to register. Your future depends on it.

Malene Barnett - Then

Malene during JPAF days


Jeanine Esposito at work

Jeanine now as Founder, with husband Frederic Chiu, of Beechwoods Arts


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  1. Elizabeth H Cottrell (@ElizCottrell)

    Love this! I have been working on a Joy Journal that includes photos of many of the things that bring me joy, but they’re not necessarily visioning for the future. At a recent mastermind retreat, we did a vision map (after visualizing a conversation with our future self — powerful stuff) — a vision board would take this to the next level. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. janepollak

    @ElizCottrell – I’m becoming ultra-clear that you and I are on a very similar path. Thanks for your, as always, insightful and generous comments.

  3. MomentumMikey

    its exciting to watch people bloom, isn’t it. blooming only from what they already had in them, but had not found a way to allow it out. great inspirational message today. my vision board had similar effects, so it with a great internal smile i share some joy with you. continue to update that board and shine bright, friend.


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