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Dec 9, 2015

Oh, the Visions They Had!

Nearly 20 women joined me on Monday night to craft their visions for the near future. The spirit was joyful and productive as, after I’d lectured on the process and its merits, those present spread open their collected magazines and began allowing images and words to speak to them. In under three hours, they accomplished the task.

I wanted to share several photos and some memorable and meaningful quotes from that night.

One particularly industrious participant called herself out on her own behavior. She said with a laugh, “I have all these visions, all the pieces for what I want in my life, but none of them are glued down.”

The most surprised outcome was another woman who had cut out a Barbie doll ad with the phrases: I want to be a doctor. I want to be an astronaut. Etc. She clipped out all the “I want to be” parts and stuck them around her board. When it had been all assembled, she noticed that the centerpiece of her vision were the words WORRY FREE. The “I want to be’s” pointing to what she wants in her future in a way that, unaided, she hadn’t previously articulated, “I want to be…WORRY FREE

The night was such a success that I plan to offer it again in New York City in early 2016. There’s never a wrong time (or a wrong way) to create a vision board. But starting off the year with your innermost desires glued to poster board and displayed where you look at it each day promises manifestation that is hard to dream up alone.

vision board works in progressMeg Barone and vision boardSandy Sergeant contemplating vision boardSuzanne ST with vision board

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  1. Elizabeth H Cottrell (@ElizCottrell)

    This is so inspiring! Kudos to all involved.

    Some might suggest even stronger affirmation wording. Instead of “I want to be _______” consider “I will be ________.” Sends an even stronger message to the subconscious!

    • janepollak

      @ElizCottrell – You’re so right. Jack Canfield says to say it as if it’s already true – “I am…worry free.” That’s how mine are written. Thanks for your insightful comments.

  2. Stirling Design Associates, LLC

    OK. Sign me up for the next one! Looks like so much fun. I’ve always wanted to do one, but felt they were corny. You are converting me. Julianne.

    • janepollak

      @Julianne – I was 100% in your boat…until I saw how they worked for others. Quite remarkable! Will you come to NYC for the next one?


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