Diane's wrapped lozengesBefore we went on break for the holidays, I asked each of the remarkable women in my Mastermind Intensive to share her best marketing tip. They were all exceptional, but when everyone got out of their seats to inspect the packaging and note card that Diane Ripstein displayed, I knew that was the one to emphasize today.

Diane is an expert in all things COMMUNICATION–not only coaching clients to express themselves better, but also as a master of her own creative communication through her one-woman vehicle Move on the Cha-Cha’s. This woman is all about impact.

Here’s an image of her fabulous ‘gifties’ as she calls them. She gets boxes of Slippery Elm Throat Lozenges (which ties into her coaching around speaking), then wraps them in glorious paper and cellophane, then adds a fanciful bow around each one. Included in her gift is a hand-written note addressed to the recipient and signed by her. Isn’t that what we all want? To be singled out, noticed and thought of? Diane does this spectacularly well.

The other brilliant ideas that came from our group were:

  1. Nurturing relationships through regularly scheduled newsletters
  2. Join and become active in your local BNI – Business Network International – 60% of one of my member’s business was attributed to this organization in which she is deeply involved.
  3. Content – Repetition of the message through books, newsletter, blogging, podcasting and in-person presentations positions her as the expert in this area
  4. Word-of-mouth + a special Mothers Day gift mailing to best customers; work displayed in prominent locations where clientele will see it
  5. Company name on mugs that are given to customers
  6. Exhibiting at trade shows + follow-up, follow-up, follow-up.
  7. Logo on EVERYTHING
  8. Speaking at events in your industry
  9. A caterer in our group gives out a drop stop (for pouring wine) with her logo on it
  10. Offering women’s gatherings to current clients – who bring a friend – to cross-pollinate and open up new markets
  11. After summer farmer’s market ended, print postcards with contact info and where to get products during the winter

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