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Jan 19, 2016

What Deadline is Most Pressing?

urgent priority deadlineHere’s what’s on my BIG (and littler) PROJECTS list, beyond my normal coaching schedule, for early 2016:

  1. Deliver The $oul Proprietor’$ Roadmap to Abundant Living talk to women’s group 1/21
  2. Market new course (starting March 7) based on this talk
  3. Complete memoir
  4. Complete purchase of apartment in NYC
  5. Move
  6. Blog

Guess what’s looming largest? If you guessed #4, you’re right. Sometimes our personal goals present, or impose, themselves on us business owners in a way that is hard to plan for.

I’ve been working on my new talk for nearly two months now. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to deliver it this Thursday in Norwalk. Thank goodness for that deadline. But occasionally, when I was working on selecting images for the PowerPoint slides, the lending bank would require me to send them another document ASAP.

My marketing professional sent me web copy to approve just as my real estate agent was requesting that I email her a copy of my current lease agreement.

We entrepreneurs are always juggling work/life. Right now, my life is demanding more of my time than my work, and I’m obeying that call.

One of my work/life mantras is First Things First. It helps me put my priorities in order and do the next right task towards my desired goal.

Since I’ve been involved in the moving process since June, someone asked me recently if I was in my new place yet. I reassured her that when I move she will know. THE WORLD WILL KNOW!! I’m going to shout it from the rooftop of my new building.

Now I can put a big check-mark next to #6 for the time being. Can’t wait to say the same for #’s 4 and 5.

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