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Feb 10, 2016

The Magic of Deadlines

Kyle's vision board“I was really stuck getting started on my assignment to create my dream revenue vision. But, I knew we had our call today, so I pushed myself.

“First, I got the white board out and cleaned it off. Then I dug out the markers. I finally started writing things down, and then…

ALL OF A SUDDEN…Once I started putting the ideas on the board, I COULDN’T STOP. My mind was going a mile a minute, and I ran out of room.”

As she reported this breakthrough achievement, her energy shifted from the stuck place where she had begun her review to total excitement and thrill at her results.

Music to my ears! I adore seeing my clients get past the gremlins and into doing the work, because it is always transformational.

Everyone’s visions look different. I loved that she used specific colors to separate out her Ideal Client, her income streams and her expenses. She gained clarity and insight by delving deeply into the numbers she wants to make and who she’d like to work with.

She’s very excited with her follow-up assignment to envision the perfect week. I can’t wait till our next call.


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