This Never Happens

My feng shui consultant advised me to raise my Herman Miller Mirra chair up to its fullest height so my posture, while at the computer, would be straight and tall. Taking her advice, I lifted the flipper on the side of the chair to make the adjustment. Instead of...

Where Are YogaToes on Your List?

Fill in your own self-care habit that’s bitten the dust when you’re crazed by the onslaught of life. I’m telling on myself here. Clients, listen to what I say, not what I do 😉 Just yesterday I relocated my set of YogaToes, a device that is meant to...

A Remarkable Travel Experience

I’m speaking in Anaheim this week and traveled out here today via Southwest Airlines. I’d always heard about their legendary service, but experienced it myself firsthand. What should be standard for travel in general is remarkable in that so few airlines...


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