not pleased woman

Tom Peters wisely advised business owners who want to grow their companies to let go of the bottom 10% of their clients annually. Bottom could be defined by economics, but there’s also the P-I-T-A (pain-in-the-a**) function that can be at play. You know who I’m talking about, don’t you?

I’ve recently been coaching a client in this direction, to let go of unsatisfying work relationships, and a funny thing happened. When you tell people information they don’t want to hear, they stop hearing. They insistently repeat the same demands, as though you’ve not already said no. Think two year old here.

This is where ‘broken record’ comes into play. You have to repeat the same information, sometimes ad nauseam, in order for them to comprehend your message, the one they’re not happy about.

“No, I no longer do that.”
“I’m unavailable for work on the weekends.”
“I respond to messages twice a day.”
i.e. “I am not at your beck and call.”

It’s challenging to re-train our customers when we make decisions that will impact them. You, as the business owner, get to pick and choose with whom you like to work. Free up your creative energy by letting go of those that drain you.

But remember, when you stop people-pleasing, people aren’t pleased.


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