yoga toesFill in your own self-care habit that’s bitten the dust when you’re crazed by the onslaught of life.

I’m telling on myself here. Clients, listen to what I say, not what I do 😉

Just yesterday I relocated my set of YogaToes, a device that is meant to help with all things foot-related, and took the time to insert my toes and wear them for the recommended 5-10 minutes. It’s been over a month since these were prescribed for me, but I had a good excuse.

I’ve had an intensely busy several weeks. Apartment hunting since June, followed by the crush of getting documents in order once I found my place. Packing up and moving forced the niceties of life to the bottom of the list. I’ve continued flossing (!), but a lot of other self-care habits bit the dust until this week.

And guess what? My feet started hurting. The good news is, I paid attention. When I’d visited my foot doctor, the remarkable Dr. Sherri Greene, she asked me how long I’d been in pain.

“Under two weeks,” I replied.

“That’s great!” she said. “Most patients suffer for months or years without taking action.”

Our bodies are our messengers. Pain is a message. Pay attention!

I’m grateful that my super-busy time is winding down. With each new piece of furniture delivered, bathroom tile repaired, and lighting fixture hung, my list grows shorter and my time expands.

Why is a lifestyle entrepreneur sharing this personal stuff? Because throughout this time I was performing 100% in my business. This is a confession: it takes its toll. Fortunately, I paid attention. I hope you will too.

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