Dina and Jane during zoom conference

Dina Eisenberg sharing her expertise during a zoom.us conference

I get approached weekly via LinkedIn, my vCita page and through direct email with the next “amazing” new way to grow my business using the services of the xyz company soliciting me. I ignore 99% of them.

But sometimes, a very talented and creative person rises above the noise and touches a chord with me. Most recently, that person was Dina Eisenberg who had read an interview I’d done with Next Act for Women and reached out to collaborate. I’m so glad she did.

Last Friday my Mastermind Intensive benefited greatly from an expert session with Dina. First of all, she got our entire group into a virtual conference room using zoom.us, a feat in itself remarkable especially since I’d never heard of it until she mentioned it. The photo you see on the left is a screen shot I took during Dina’s talk.

There were 10 of us a room in Westport, Connecticut speaking with and seeing Dina, in real time, who lives in Northern California. One of the things Dina is expert in is helping business owners outsource technology issues, and she demonstrated it perfectly for us.

I want to share three take-aways, among many, that I was happy to learn about.

  1. When you’re looking for any kind of virtual assistance, don’t go ‘hungry.’ The analogy Dina gave was going to the grocery store before you’ve eaten lunch. Everything looks good on the shelf, but then you get it home, and it’s not what you were looking for. She has a well-defined checklist of how to not be hungry when choosing members of your team.
  2. Trust is transactional. Although some folks may feel trustworthy immediately, it is actually something that is built up over time and with evidence as the relationship progresses. As mine with Dina’s did, she was there for every phone conversation we scheduled, she took the lead several times to keep me on track, and her material was valuable and beautifully presented.
  3. Getting good help requires the business owner’s clarity – the “pre-go” as Dina calls it. What is the project you’re hiring for? What pieces of it DON’T you want to do? When do you need it? She helps you help yourself by organizing how you approach looking for your team.

I can’t say enough about Dina, zoom conferences and the extraordinary women I get to work with. I love bringing in resources to help them grow. With humility and I smile I want to claim that I nailed it this time.

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