Suzanne's Charming Note

After reading Carolyn See’s wonderful book, Making A Literary Life I not only began writing charming notes to icons in the world of publishing, but also blogged about developing the habit. One of my readers, Suzanne Ste. Therese who happens to be a client too, also read the book and decided to take up the practice as well. She took her time designing her own version of stationery for this purpose.

We creatives don’t walk just into a Hallmark store and select a box of notecards. Oh, no. I, for instance, went to and hired a calligrapher to scribe my name on 30 craft-colored card stock sheets with matching envelopes. Suzanne went even further and had an artist re-create her signature using the letterpress technique. To further enhance the impact of her correspondence, she lined her envelopes with a flecked navy rice paper. Then she designed her own stamp based on the main character of the young adult novel she’s writing. Please enlarge the photo in this post to take a better look at the collage Suzanne assembled in honor of her protagonist whose name is Collage.

Now you might be thinking to yourself, that sounds like a lot of work. Let me assure you that during every step of the process, the author-in-progress is flexing her literary muscle and mind in service of her greater oeuvre. It may appear to be a diversion, but it is actually a part of a grand strategic marketing plan.

I was a lucky recipient of her charming note last month. If you’re like me, when I get a first class letter, with my address handwritten, and an eye-catching stamp, I open that baby before I even get into the elevator.

And then there’s the content. Suzanne graciously and specifically complimented my book Soul Proprietor.

“There was procedural knowledge, there was experience that I had shared, but there was also savvy and heart right in the middle. Life lessons that made me want to know more.”

The purpose of writing charming notes is to graciously enroll members of the publishing community to your cause as a soon-to-be-published author. You become a known entity and friend to a group of people who, by the nature of what they do, live isolated lives.

I know that I will do whatever I can to help Suzanne promote her book when it comes out. Her memorable gesture and creative voice have found a place deep in my heart.

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