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May 23, 2016

More on ‘NO’

May 2016 CalendarYou’d think there was only so much you could say about that little word, but I’m finding that it’s a real powerhouse and there is more to explore than I originally thought.

To help me say ‘no’ more authentically, I’ve begun intentionally mapping out my days with writing (note orange segments) prominently scheduled. That way, when someone asks if I’d like to attend an event or schedule a meeting, I can honestly say, “I’m booked.”

My favorite response from a new friend was, “Good for you for protecting your time and honoring your commitment to your writing.” Not everyone gets it like she does, but she’s got an equally compelling vision that she’s also setting aside time for. Your biggest advocates will be those who are similarly motivated.

In a Vanity Fair article on Lee Radziwill this month, there’s a quote from the legendary Diana Vreeland. “Elegance is refusal.”

André Leon Talley used it in describing her (Lee Radziwill) taste level: The lack of clutter, the choices of things to put on the wall, it’s all done with care and love of that objet, a sense of editing–editing her clothes and editing her friends…she edits people. She edits herself. She edits her wardrobe. She edits her life.”

I’d like to think that if André were to take a look at how I schedule my life these days, he’d give me an understanding nod and call it well-edited too.

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  1. Elizabeth H Cottrell (@ElizCottrell)

    Jane, this is, indeed, an important topic. Our generation, in particular, seems to be afflicted with the “Tyranny of Shoulds,” and I’ve been working on creating my own margins (the term used in Greg McKeown’s ESSENTIALISM), as you have with your time. Creative business guru Laura West shared a wonderful maxim with our mastermind group: “Say No more often and Yes more fully.”

    • janepollak

      @ElizCottrell – What a fabulous quote! Thank you for sharing it.

  2. lkcorrado

    I said no to someone today – felt great!


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