bearded womanI was invited to an event next week which I’m really looking forward to. It’s sponsored by the Women’s Media Group here in the city, and I was asked to accompany a friend who is a few years older than I am. The program is called Appy Hour. Don’t you love that?

For so many reasons, I can’t wait to attend. First, to spend time with this friend professionally. Also, the copy reads that “Appy Hour is a relaxed way to share our favorite apps with our colleagues and to hear about new ones from them.” As someone who is a relative late-comer to the world of apps, I love mine and am excited to hear about others during the evening.

My faves are all travel related–allowing me to call up schedules for MetroNorth, Moovit (my all-time favorite) that tells you what time your subway will arrive, and WAZE, the Israeli GPS that guides you around traffic jams and all the cabbies in NYC have adopted. Indispensable!

One of the promises for the night is that “you can tell us what you wish an app could do for you; someone in the group may have just the right solution for you.” I’m an avid learner and hope to scope out several new ones for my phone.

I had dinner on Sunday night with the woman who is bringing me as her guest. “Carol,” I said, “I’m really excited to be coming to this event with you. Which apps are you going to share as your favorites?”

“Oh,” she said, “that’s why I’m bringing YOU! You’re my beard! I don’t really use any apps.”

I’ve never been happier to serve as a cover-up for a friend.






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