Malene and Jane spring 2016

Malene B and I at Fort Tryon Park, NYC

Malene B ran a marathon two weeks ago, then traveled from Brooklyn to Washington Heights (almost a marathon) a few days later to have dinner with me and see my new place. This woman is UNSTOPPABLE!

In 2001 Malene Barnett attended a talk I gave to the Entrepreneurial Woman’s Network (no longer in existence) when my book Soul Proprietor (in existence) was first published. Her mother had been a teacher at my children’s school, then went on to become Vice Principal of the local high school. She encouraged Malene to talk to me since I’d been successful in my own art business, something Malene was beginning to explore.

She treated me to lunch at a local restaurant back then, and I gave her a long list of actions I thought would be beneficial including asking to design the t-shirt for the SoNo Arts Festival. She called me a month or two later to tell me she’d completed her list, including designing the local fair t-shirt and what should she do next. Well!

Visit her website and see what this magnificent woman/artist/entrepreneur has achieved since then.

She is a world traveler, an outstanding cook, a brilliant designer and a dear friend. I could go on and on, but pictures tell the story. Have fun traveling with Malene via her spectacular website.


Malene at work in her studio

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