Bonnie Shay of Mariposa Creative Solutions

Of course when I email someone, I want a quick turnaround, even if it’s not during business hours. I’m often at my desk at odd weekend hours, and although I don’t have the expectation that my query will be responded to, I have the secret desire that it will.

When I emailed Bonnie Shay at 5:50pm Saturday evening, to thank her for feedback on my blog about the Appy Hour I attended, I received the nicest auto-reply I’ve ever seen. Here’s what it said:

To better enjoy the weekend, I will not be checking my business email again until Sunday night. If you have a time sensitive matter, please call me on my cell phone at xxx-xxx-xxxx so I can respond to your need.

How classy is that? Makes you want to do business with a person, doesn’t it? When I asked her permission to quote her quote, she was pleased and offered me a copy of her book, “Take Charge of your Email Inbox” that talks about other email management concepts. An offer I couldn’t refuse.




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