Client Appreciation Power Shuffle Exercise

Before I left on my two-week writing retreat I held a client appreciation event for the remarkably amazing women I’ve worked with over the years. Nearly 50 women joined me on Thursday, July 13 at the Westport Woman’s Club for networking, a revealing group activity, and lunch.

I wanted it to be special, so designed an invitation with everyone’s name on it, had my assistant print out the envelopes and mailed them with actual stamps.

Remember those days?

I have to throw in an age-related challenge that came up during lunch. Kim DeYoung, who looked beyond gorgeous, said her cool outfit was doing double-duty as she’d be attending a camp reunion later in the day. “I even remember our camp’s zip code,” she said reciting it rapidly.

The invitation I designed for the occasion

“I went to sleepaway camp before there were zip codes,” I reminisced.

Every other woman at the table looked at me blankly. “There was a time before zip codes?”

“Yes, the dinosaurs and I found each other without google maps or zip codes back in the day.”

Other than that (hee hee), it was a totally delightful day.

I’ve always loved bringing remarkable women together. Magic happens when you set the stage for connections. And who doesn’t appreciate knowing they’re appreciated?

Here are just a few of the Remarkable Women who came:

Cristin J and Malene BDiane Rip and Beverley MarrJoanne K and Lynne Marinolouise albin

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