The EndWhen I returned back to New York City after my Semester at Sea in May, 2014, I recognized that I wanted to tell a bigger story, more than simply a travelogue.

I took my first writing course the following month at Kripalu, led by the inspirational writer/performer Ann Randolph. From there, I hired my first writing coach, signed up for classes at Gotham Writers Workshop and the Iowa Writers Festival. I formed a writer’s group with three other women and got more serious about creating a narrative. Now, two years later, I’m close to completing what I began nearly 2 1/2 years ago.

After adding the 111 pages I set down while away for two weeks in Vermont in July, I had over 200 pps all together which propelled me toward the finish line which is now in sight. I’m about to write the last chapter: my travel around the world. There will be an epilogue, but I want to conclude the book with coming home, like Dorothy…

I can feel myself slowing down and savoring the process these last few days. There’ll be weeks of editing and getting the manuscript into shape to pitch, but the light at the end of that cliched tunnel is burning bright.

I wanted to share this with you because so often you hear about books-in-progress and then they fade into oblivion. Saying it out loud, via print (not to mix metaphors or anything) is my way of holding myself accountable. I also have a September 15 deadline with my Visions Group to keep me moving forward. I’d be happy to receive any words of encouragement you might have to someone completing a marathon like this.

I’m not picking out my book-signing pen yet, but with that visualization in mind, I’m continuing towards that goal.


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