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Sep 13, 2016

Working with Ken Nelson – My Next Retreat


The view from Ken’s in Lenox, MA

If I had any doubt as to why I had selected Ken Nelson to co-lead a retreat with me this November, he quickly and naturally provided a perfect reminder.

“Would you like to have a cup of tea, sit outside, and get settled before we begin the planning?” he asked when I arrived for our work session in Lenox last Wednesday afternoon.

I’d driven for nearly 3 hours to reach his home and assumed that we would plunge in. With my A-type personality, I was all set to spread out my notes on his dining room table and start brainstorming immediately. I could feel a wave of relaxation spread over me as I took my mug of tea and followed Ken out the door.  When I walked onto his porch and saw the view (at left), I exhaled, lowered myself onto an Adirondack chair, and felt a surge of creativity and peace begin to flow.

Ken offers a complementary style that will provide our attendees with a balanced team effort. His expertise in qigong, yoga, meditation and relaxation nicely integrates with the more cognitive exercises we’ll also employ.

Ken Nelson, Ph. D

Ken Nelson, Ph. D

We chatted a bit, then out flowed a dialogue and, fortunately, I remembered to switch on my iPhone’s Voice Memo app so I could capture our conversation. We’re on the same page about offering the dynamic group of women enrolled a safe, nurturing, bonding experience. The retreat is entitled Grand Renewal and will be a transformative experience of self-love, self-acceptance and self-actualization.

What I love best about partnering with Ken is that he led a workshop I’d taken at Kripalu – Creating Powerful Experiential Workshops – many years before. To have him as my co-leader is a long-held and cherished goal of mine.

Although our November retreat is fully enrolled, we plan to offer this again in late winter to men and women seeking transformation, a sense of community and self-love. Let me know if you’re interested. This will be my first co-ed retreat ever. If you’d like to participate in that premiere event, please let me know, and I’ll hold a place for you.

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