inkwellThe first draft of my memoir is complete! Thanks to my accountability partner, my visions group and a third support team (it does take a village), I sent off 275 pages to a local print house so that I can distribute hard copies to a handful of first readers.

I’m also looking for first ‘listeners’ so I can read my story out loud and get instant feedback from a few trusted souls. A dozen of you were kind enough to offer your ears last September, 2015, when I’d completed a storyboard and outline of my book. Now that it’s complete, I’d like to gather you again, as well as other equally supportive audience members, for this year’s fully fleshed-out edition.

Please send me an email if you’d like to be included. In addition to being among the first to hear my story, I will most humbly and gratefully acknowledge your service when my book is published. I will limit this offer to a dozen hearty listeners. Dates and times TBA.

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