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Apr 18, 2017

The Remarkable Mary Landes

Mary Landes at her dream location

Mary Landes has a vision. To bring a public workspace, a la WeWorks, to Salina, Kansas where she now lives after residing in Fairfield County, CT, where we originally met. Mary identified an historic building, the Masonic Lodge, in Salina for this purpose and has set about enrolling its membership as well as the community-at-large in her idea.

To do this, Mary needed more than a business plan. She needed a web of support. Which she found in my virtual mastermind group she joined in February. The other women immediately grasped the import and breadth of Mary’s vision and rallied to support her as she worked on her plan, elevator pitch, and enrolling the community–one cup of coffee at a time.

Since we began meeting, Mary has fleshed out her vision for January 2018 and what it will look like when the Salina Innovation Center is up and running. She has gotten a lease on the space, the buy-in from the Lodge members, and is working to form an Advisory Board.

Our mastermind group meets for 2.5 hours every other week. In between sessions, Mary has committed to reaching out to SCORE, setting up a bank account for the new enterprise, registering her business, and to begin enrolling members to work in the community space.

Here’s what Mary had to say about the experience:

For me, the most helpful is not feeling alone with my fear! It’s hard in a small town, starting up a type business that no one is familiar with. I felt like I had this crazy idea, and could I do it… could I explain this? It’s easy to get scared. I came from an abusive relationship, where I had someone over my shoulder constantly telling me I wasn’t good enough. I’m so excited to do this for myself, and know that I can. This group has been the inspiration and courage I needed.
I love the format you have set. We each have time to talk, and time to listen. I love what the group comes up with for suggestions and encouragement. Having the recordings to go back and hear what was said is fabulous. It’s nice to watch myself, and see how I am presenting ideas. It’s given me confidence.
Mary is only one of 5 members of this inspiring group. Each woman has achieved her own series of goals with the help and support of the others. I have a new in-person group forming to begin sessions (in person) in early May. If you’re looking for the same kind of supportive, productive and motivating group, please shoot me an email: jane@janepollak.com.
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