I received an unsolicited testimonial last week from a client I completed with in November after our 6-month coaching period ended. Her primary goal was to raise her rates and her overall income.

Here’s what she wrote in a recent email (and I have her permission to share it with you):

Reporting in with a big thank you.
I am a completely different person. Since I raised my rates, I have time to do my work every day and be done at 6:00. I can work at a human rate and am no longer having the stress symptoms or the metal taste in my mouth. And my new clients are AMAZING and very appreciative. I have time to volunteer and am going to be on the BOD of my daughter’s barn (a long time goal). AND revenue is up… Thank you for taking a stand with and for me.

Many business owners I know seek that same goal, but few actually take the necessary steps to achieve it. Mainly, letting ‘old’ customers know that they’re raising their rates. It’s often hard for clients to accept their vendor’s growth.

Think of your own behavior, whether it’s the cost of the subway ride, your insurance premium or the online service you’re using. When was the last time you raised your rates? Feeling resentful? Running short at the end of the month? What’s holding you back?

If your clients are raving about your work and telling you how great you are, it may be time to take a look at your offers and be sure they’re in line with the marketplace.

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