Philanthropy is on my bucket list. My parents were excellent role models for giving back. They contributed annually to my dad’s alma mater as well as to various other organizations throughout my childhood. I witnessed them making financial donations on an annual basis. My siblings have also acquired this habit. I’m proud of carrying that same gene.

When I grew up, I knew I wanted this to be a part of my life as well. I’ve been tithing (giving 10% of my earnings) to a couple of institutions that have great meaning to me, particularly my own alma mater – Mount Holyoke College where I learned how to think, and Kripalu – a yoga center where I learned how to be. I can’t imagine being any more grateful than to places that have shaped my life so profoundly.

I give to world causes as they arise, but not as consistently as MHC and Kripalu. So it’s with pleasure and delight I share how Kripalu recently captured my gratitude in their catalog.

Although I could check this off my list and mark it accomplished, it’s more of an ongoing commitment to support these places that supported me.

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