A query letter for your memoir has been sent out to 18 agents without a bite. That’s nothing. Chicken Soup for the Soul received 140 rejections stating Anthologies don’t sell”. 

You know you won’t give up.

However, you’ve turned your manuscript over to a developmental editor, a man for whom you have the utmost respect, for his suggestions before you continue pitching. He has promised to send you his edits by May 15th, but when you touched base with him, he requested an additional week which you immediately granted.

You had set goals with your accountability partner and writers group to revise your query letter based on this professional’s feedback, but until you get his edits, it feels like wheel-spinning and counter-productive to even attempt this exercise. Your deadline with these groups is tomorrow.

Do you force yourself to complete your goal anyway? Because you’re a good girl and you always complete your goals? Or do you give yourself a pass because if it were anyone else, say a friend of yours, you’d offer her compassion and understanding and tell her to go have fun for a few more days until she gets back the new information she needs to continue.

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