While waiting for my editor to go through my entire manuscript, I faced a somewhat open calendar which quickly got filled in. A good friend and mutual seeker recommended a 21-day abundance meditation program she’d recently completed. At the end of her three week commitment, she received a large ($10K) cash gift from an admirer. I took note.

I was ready to sign on and wanted to be done by the time I got to a particularly busy weekend in late May, so I enrolled and began my practice on April 28. It consisted of downloading a daily pdf and listening to a brief talk – up to 20 minutes – on abundant living and beliefs plus a daily 30-40 minute meditation. These sessions included visualizations and rubbing your palms together to create heat, then placing them over your heart chakra (have I lost any of you?). We were walked through specific scenarios and given time to imagine our greatest dreams–like, for me, agents clamoring for my book, etc.

The second night after I’d begun this practice, I dreamt that I put my debit card into the ATM machine and money poured out in much greater quantities than I had punched in to receive. I kept an ongoing journal of what came to me (and continues to come to me) as a record and testament to the power of a prosperity mindset. Here are only some of the outcomes:

  • One new client each week and more prospects than in the past year
  • Two unpaid invoices on PayPal were paid without my sending reminders
  • I admired a scarf an assistant was wearing at the hair salon I go to. My hairdresser came up to me as I was collecting my coat with a gift package containing the exact scarf. It had been a promotion at their shop and he found an extra one to gift to me.
  • An unexpected reimbursement for travel that had not been promised
  • A lunch treat on Mothers Day by a friend

I’ve since mentioned my participation to a number of friends, many of whom want to know the name of the program. I would NOT recommend the one I participated in. It definitely worked for me, but I was underwhelmed by the leader. I would, however, recommend that you find a prosperity program and jump in for a specific period of time.

What you focus on grows. I was tracking wealth, abundance and opportunity for 21 days. What did I see every day? Wealth, abundance and opportunity. Several of my clients have raved about a program offered by Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey. There’s also Feel Free to Prosper by Marilyn Jenett. If you’re interested, try one. I know I didn’t do mine perfectly, but the intention and actions lined up to create thousands of dollars worth of rewards.

Let me know of other wealth meditation programs you know about and if/when you enroll. I’d love to know!


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