Advice from 2022

Posted Date: 12-Jul-2017

The last session of my mastermind intensive held in June had a special theme. Members of the group arrived as though it were five years in the future: 2022. They dressed as the successes they’d become, brought evidence in the form of published books, checks for millions of dollars as well as an attitude of accomplishment.

The idea for this originates with Jack Canfield’s Come As You’ll Be party written about in his book The Success Principles. Like his attendees, our group was energized by the assignment and were well captured by the paparazzi I’d hired to document the occasion.

I interviewed each woman and included the question, “What advice would you give to your younger self looking back?” The room got extra quiet as each person reflected on what words would be most helpful to hear. I’ve created reminders of those phrases to bring to my group this Friday when we meet again.

I’ve benefited from reading them and hope that you will as well. Anything I missed?

4 thoughts on “Advice from 2022”

  1. Hi Jane,

    I love the concept you used here! Interesting how the pieces of advice are interrelated and address the intensity many of us seem to engage in to get our goals accomplished. “Loosen the grip!” really struck a cord with me. 😉

    Thanks for sharing this.

    1. @Diane – I love that “loosen the grip” spoke to you. That’s what’s so wonderful about coaching groups. As entrepreneurs we can be very isolated, but when you hear someone else state what you’re thinking, the world becomes smaller and warmer. Thank you for taking the time to share this with me and my readers.

  2. Jane,
    I am envious! I would have loved to have been a part of that group! What a thought provoking question, and the answers are certainly ones we need to be reminded of.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. @Sandra – I can imagine how you’d come dressed! Crown, scepter and a huge smile on your face. It was an energizing day and fun to capture it on video especially so our members could see themselves in their full and glorious visions. Thanks for your comment.

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