I got up before 5am (went to bed before 9pm last night) and immediately continued editing. By 9am, I had only two chapters of notes left to go through, and they weren’t as daunting as the ones from earlier.

So I decided to reward myself with a walk on the rails to trails nearby. When I took this photo, it struck me that it resembled the process I’m going through albeit with smoother terrain. The similarity is that it seems endless at the moment. But I know that whenever I take a long walk, I eventually complete it, look back and think, that wasn’t so bad.

In spite of the heat, it’s really beautiful up here. I drove to Wendell, MA for lunch with a friend. I’d completed the last two chapters before noon and felt entitled to have some socializing. Tonight I have one long distance coaching client, then will begin recording myself reading the text.

I’ll be seeking listeners in a few weeks. If you’re inspired to hear my story–all of it!–please let me know. I’d like a dozen of you to give me feedback on missing threads, fairness to every character, overall continuity, etc. You won’t be graded but I will take your comments very seriously and will definitely thank you in my acknowledgments.

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