Mumtahinah Ahmed

As a member of the Women’s Media Group (WMG) I was invited to contribute a 30-minute mentoring session to one of our youngest members who are college interns. It was my great pleasure to meet Mumtahinah Ahmed, a rising Senior at City College of NY (CCNY) a couple of weeks ago.

Mum, as she’s better known, is spending the summer at Penguin Books, mostly focusing on social media. When I asked her to tell me more about what she’s currently working on, she gave me the example of researching bloggers who write about food/desserts so that she could send them a copy of an author’s book published by her employer.

This is exactly the kind of work we entrepreneurs/authors know we ought to do, but never actually implement. Lucky Penguin to have this smart young woman on the task. She reported to me that several of the bloggers she reached out to were delighted to receive the book and to promote it to their readers.

It’s no accident that Mum finds herself in this kind of work. She devours books and has an Instagram/bookstagram handle: @foodiebooknerd. She’d love you to follow her.


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