One of 100 spaces I considered

I’m thrilled to be offering my premiere coaching program–a Mastermind Intensive–in NYC this coming fall. I’ve been leading these elite groups in Westport, Connecticut for many years now and want to bring that offer here to my new hometown.

Finding space for this has been quite an experience. I’ve rented small spaces – big enough for 6 women – through which offers hourly terms and convenient location. But for this special monthly meeting, I want something more luxurious and definitely more comfortable in terms of seating. We’ll be together for seven hours at a time, once a month. I know I want to have a chair or couch that’s soft and supportive–just like the other members of this new team will be.

Every time I expand my horizon, I feel challenged, afraid and also exhilarated.

  • The Challenge
    • Selecting a place where I would be thrilled to lead or attend.
  • The Fear(s)
    • That I won’t find what I’m looking for.
    • That it will be too expensive.
    • That prospects won’t find it as inviting as I do.
  • The Exhilaration
    • The place I’ve dreamed of showing up, just like that.

Fingers crossed, I’ve spoken to a friend who has the most gorgeous, inspiring and comfortable space I’ve seen in mid-Manhattan. I’ve given her the dates I’d like to rent it from her, and she is checking her calendar. It would be an incredible joy for this to come to fruition.

In my own mastermind group that meets bi-weekly, I’ve found the support that allows me to ‘chunk down’ my goals into bite-sized pieces. Researching space was a big to-do on my list this month. Next up will be filling the room with Remarkable Women. Should you be on that invitation list?


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