Writers Room chair where I often take 40 winks

I had a business class professor who answered tough questions with a smile and this quote: “As it says in the Talmud, ‘It all depends.'”

Here’s an example of how prescient those words still are.

I just celebrated my 1st anniversary as a member of the Writers Room at 740 Broadway in NYC. I love going there. I rent a small locker where I keep a laptop, a printed draft of my memoir–with edits, and a pair of noise-canceling headphones.

I love it particularly because I know no one, go there simply to work on my manuscript without social obligation or interaction. There is a code of silence, including no cell phones allowed in the main space, which I appreciate. Basically, it’s a fabulously creative island of energy with silence in between the carrels.

I recently spoke to a colleague who had returned as a member there shortly after I started my subscription. But, I hadn’t seen her there in a while and asked if she was still using the facility.

“No. I don’t like it anymore. No one speaks to me and it’s too quiet.”

There you go. The very same reasons that make me love it leave her cold. As the Talmud says…

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