I’m very excited to be offering a ‘test drive’ for those of you who have heard of Mastermind Groups but never tried one before. This is a fun, safe, experiential opportunity to find out what it’s like to have several “master” minds operating on your behalf.

Do you have a vision you’ve been hoping to take a bite out of? Would you love to increase your sales this quarter? Is there a dream client you’d like to attract?

Tomorrow night you have an invitation to give voice (confidentially) to your secret desire and get surprising, remarkable and beneficial feedback from your peers. For free!

I’ve been leading Mastermind Groups since 2002 and in my own groups for over 25 years. It remains the single most productive business tool in my toolkit. 

If you’d like to join this one-time event at 7:30pm EDT, Wednesday night, September 13, shoot me an email at jane@janepollak.com and I’ll send you the information so you can participate. I’d love to see you there and help you find a solution that surprises and delights you.


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