Doreen Birdsell

I got the loveliest call today from Doreen telling me she spoke about me at her Toastmasters meeting last night. She even sent me a link to her 3 minute (to the second!) testimonial which made my day.

I’d been having tech issues – my computer video camera isn’t working, my Skype connection with an interviewer took several tries to establish and the overhead light I flipped on to look at my notes burned out. Doreen’s loving words and easy link soothed my soul.

Here’s hoping this works easily for you.

That book Doreen refers did get written, and it is a total page-turner. If you want to read about someone who has overcome enormous odds–Doreen–I highly recommend her memoir to you. Without Faith will grab your attention

Doreen’s captivating memoir

immediately and have you cheering for this woman who was abused, addicted and imprisoned but  survived, then thrived. Luckily for us.

Doreen Birdsell has inspired me since the day I met her 20 years ago, and she will do that for you, too, through her incredible story.


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