About once a year I like to express my appreciation to the amazing women I work with. I sent out a personal invitation in September, via snail mail with a real stamp on it, to let my clients know how much I value them.

Last Friday several dozen assembled for a lunch and afternoon of coaching and connection at Sarabeth’s in NYC. It was a thrill all around. Women came from all over Connecticut, Westchester and even Buffalo, NY to attend.

Jennifer Boyd, Esq. + Jen Olbrys

Following a great idea I got from Women on Fire leader Debbie Phillips, I partnered each attendee up with someone I wanted her to meet based on occupation (design, wellness, etc.), outside interest (sports) or passion (performing arts). No one need fear walking into a room of strangers and not knowing who to speak to first.

Barbara Garelick, Felicia Rubinstein, Kim DeYoung, Maria Kahn, Belinda Wasser, Christina Frei

Jen Olbrys, Meg Barone, Jennifer Boyd, Heather Ehinger, Sandra Eagle, Lori Candela

Jen Rodrigues, Rochelle Odesser, Lynne Marino, Louise Russell, Grace S. McEnaney, Karen Pacent

We moved through self-introductions and a circle of trust followed by lunch and a favorite coaching exercise of mine that’s done in groups. 

You can tell a successful event by how long it takes people to leave. Lingering is a strong indicator of happiness, and women lingered and lingered at this event.

My good friend and client, Maria Kahn – an applied mindfulness specialist, helped me with my post-celebration and introduced me to MNDFL on the Upper East Side. We went there right after

Maria Kahn introduced me to MNDFL

the party for meditation and relaxation with tea.

I love connecting women, seeing the light go on about some previously unrecognized aspect of herself, and the power of intimacy and truth.

Thanks to those of you who could attend plus all of you who I work with who couldn’t attend. I’m grateful for you all.


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