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Dec 13, 2017

My 1000th Blog!

For months in 2008, my mastermind group encouraged me to start a blog.

Let me set the context here in a time where blogs are now everywhere. It would be the equivalent of my saying to you, my audience in 2017, that you should start posting on snapchat. You’ve heard of it (Anthony Weiner, anyone?), know it exists, but are vague about its usefulness and reach. That’s where I was back then. I’d heard of blogging, but could not see its relevance to me.

My colleague and friend Val Gosset recommended the book Naked Conversations (published in 2006, now available on amazon, used for ten cents…) which convinced me to take on this medium. What jumped out from that book was the story of a blogger who showed the CEO of Sun Microsystems that a blog post about his company ranked higher in google than its own website, I thought, there must be something to this. That truth has been borne out time and again as I’ve gotten discovered when my blog post about a person or a book appeared above their own site.

For nine years I’ve been writing about remarkable women, lessons I’ve learned, and all topics that I find meaningful in my entrepreneurial life and want to share with you. You’ve responded generously with your thousands of comments and encouragement. My highest ranking posts were:

  1. When I wrote about the movie Social Network in 2010 and mistakenly referred to the founder as Matt Zuckerberg, hundreds of comments corrected me, some unkindly, to Mark. He wasn’t quite as well-known then, but I should have researched it.
  2. Any time I’ve posted headshots and asked for your opinion.

What I enjoy most about blogging is that I go into every situation in life now with a journalistic mindset. What’s interesting about this? What would my audience think? What’s most important here that I want to tell you about.

A journalism graduate once told me to “notice what you notice.” I’m curious what you have you noticed that I notice?

Thank you for being a loyal reader. You’ve made a difference to me on this journey and I value your time.

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