One of the most successful businessmen I know shared his secrets with a mastermind group I ran several years ago. He is married to an entrepreneurial friend of mine and had, in their courtship, helped her grow her design business exponentially. I invited him to share his advice with the women I coach.

The most memorable takeaway from that talk was the term ‘forcing mechanism’ – a more corporate notion where there’s a boss, a paycheck or a board to set the course, compensate or demand your best work. What gets YOU to your deadlines most effectively? And what supports you along the way?

For me, I am a member of three different 3-person groups, each of which has propelled me forward over the years we’ve been together. My Writers Group, three women working on manuscripts for publication, meets monthly. I am ‘forced’ to show up with pages to read aloud and receive feedback on. If I don’t have anything with me to share, my loss, and not a good use of this team’s extraordinary skills. With my group’s help, I’ve completed my third memoir draft which I anticipate getting published this year.

My Visions Group meets bi-weekly. At each session we read our vision for the year out loud, then talk about the challenges we face along the way: life, rejection, inertia, etc. That team recently recommended that I conduct readings of my memoir at in-person events. I have my first public appearance tomorrow night in NYC. “You can then tell the publishers you’re pitching that you’ve done a market study of over 200 women in xyz demographic to this response.” I cherish these outside perspectives and inspirations to motivate me to take the next steps in pursuit of my dream–a world tour of my memoir.

The third group of three I meet with regularly is what I refer to as my Abundance Team. One of our members is currently out-of-state, so we meet on for a three-hour marathon one morning a month. Each one of us gets the spotlight for a full hour to discuss whatever issues are on our mind. Most recently, I was challenged to commit to a weekend program I had signed up for and was hesitant about attending. More on that in another post…

What keeps you moving forward? To whom are you accountable? What dreams are tucked away in your heart and soul that want to come to light this year? If not now, when?

I have two spaces available (one in NYC and one in CT) for a particular woman business owner who is burning to bring her vision to life this year. Please visit my website for more information. My mission is to curate these groups for the best results. I want to match you with your peers so everyone thrives.

The best forcing mechanism I’ve experienced is the loving anticipation from a group of like-minded individuals also pursuing their visions. It is my great joy to lead groups like this. Please call me today (347-878-6096) if you’d like to join me and make 2018 the year you say, “I did it!”

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