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Jan 20, 2018

Having Trouble Filling Your Meetings/Events?

A common challenge my clients face, and I do too, is getting the attention of the public for a webinar, an in-person event or to enroll in ongoing workshops. Not that it was ever easy, but there are more shiny objects calling for our attention today than ever.

I read an article in the Styles section of the NY Times (Milan Is Still Making It New) on Thursday which articulated the issue elegantly:

Especially during a time when the clothing industry in general is scrambling to adjust to the new exigencies of a fragmented marketplace, the continued decline of bricks-and-mortar retailing and the insuperable challenges of pinning down the fickle taste of that generational behemoth called the Millennial, it is worth tuning in to the fashion frequencies transmitted from this northern industrial city.

And there you are with a compelling offer perfectly suited to your audience…if only you could find each other. I’m going to keep it simple here–which is precisely the advice I’m offering. Keep it simple! Make ONE offer at a time, and repeat it–not ad nauseam–but at least 3 times to allow YOUR audience to see YOUR message.

When I began introducing jewelry pieces made from the same eggshell medium I had been using for several years, I went to a brilliant graphic designer to create a brochure for me to help my sellling efforts. I showed her at least 50 different pins and earrings I had created and loved.

“Pick four,” she instructed.

“What?” I countered.

“You don’t want to overwhelm your audience. Make the selection for them.” And I did. I chose four categories of motifs, and the brochure was created using those elements. It was a huge success.

We are all overwhelmed by the choices in the marketplace today. Make sure that your audience knows exactly what you’re offering. You may have more than one point to get across to them, but market the ONE POINT and allow them to be attracted to that.

If the fashion industry and retail are facing INSUPERABLE CHALLENGES OF PINNING DOWN THE FICKLE TASTE, don’t jump to the conclusion that your offer isn’t good enough. It’s not you! Put your message out there and make it easy for your customer to find and understand how much they need you.


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