I’m changing banks and was at the new branch office this morning for 90 minutes to open my accounts. Standard. I had allotted plenty of time for this activity. My Financial Services Rep dialed HQ’s to get further information. The recorded message that came over the speakerphone said, “Hold the line for our legendary service.”

I was very excited to experience this. Then, the recording explained that “All of our representatives are currently assisting other customers. A service representative will be with you in 6-8 minutes.”


This reminded me of a promise made by a colleague I met decades ago. At a networking event, a woman with a new-ish marketing business said,”I’d love to schedule 15 minutes of your time during which I will dazzle you with my offer.”  Who wouldn’t want to be dazzled? She came to my home office within the week. Not only was she not dazzling, I remember nothing about her services other than a canned offer. Please note: When something is outstandingly false, it’s memorable for all the wrong reasons.

In case you haven’t heard this one lately, Under-Promise and Over-Deliver. Not only is that dazzling, it’s also legendary in today’s environment.


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