There’s a satisfying story, originally created by Russell Conwell, called Acres of Diamonds about a landowner (long story very short) who traveled the world searching for diamonds to create wealth, only to return home broke and broken. Home again, he discovered that the very thing he sought already existed in his own yard. If you aren’t familiar with it, do read or listen to the fable.

The reason I mention this is that last night I discovered a diamond in Washington Heights, my home now for the past two years.

On New Years Day, at a good friend’s brunch table in White Plains, I reconnected with a high school buddy whose daughter coincidentally lives only blocks from me. On our drive home, Joanne and I talked about writing. The next day she forwarded me an email from a site called mentioning a writers’ forum and a call for entries. I just love how these things happen and why networking, even unscheduled networking like this brunch, yields diamonds.

Last night I was one of 8 readers in front of an audience of about 50 locals who shared our words on the February topic: Love/Sex/Passion. I invited a few of my friends who live Above the Bridge to join me and was tickled to have them in the audience. I want to express my appreciation and gratitude to Joey Brenneman and Stacey Linden for running this program for nine years. I’m pleased, honored and grateful to have been selected.



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