For several years now, I’ve talked to a goal buddy (aka accountability/action partner) 2-3 times per week.

Why? you might ask.

I’ve kept a list of the myriad goals I’ve sought on a folder, then used that document to track those promises, successes and the dates of our deadlines. Here’s a smattering of the areas I’ve wanted to be held accountable and a sampling of the work involved.



  • Speaking: rehearse talk 3x, finalize props for talk, pack for talk
  • Admin: consolidate a database, clear desk (multiple times), call my tech in India, create nametags for event, watch video
  • Generating: design retreat, create powerpoint, write script, make up test drive agents, map out writing calendar
  • Marketing: coaching offers for 2016-2017, host a Women’s Media Group small dinner, call places for Client Appreciation event
  • Financial: send co-facilitator check, create monthly billing sheet for assistant, 1099 prep
  • Writing: write for 2 hours (multiple times), complete Chapter 1, send chapter to writing coach, blog about Essentialism (Scarlett’s book, hustling, being an artist, abundance, etc.)
  • Coaching: call APPO members re virtual group, welcome package to new client, debrief Discovery session, debrief Mastermind Intensive
  • Travel: pack for Mexico, make packing list for upcoming trip, arrange limo to airport
  • Self-care: get to bed by 9pm, contact new healer for back pain, begin treatments, start 21-day manifestation program

I share this to demonstrate the variety of areas of a life and also to show how helpful it is to have someone on the receiving end to hear, “I did it!” And to offer that back to her.

Since I moved to NYC 5+ years ago, I’ve created new connections here including a writers group, an abundance team, a visions group as well as a fellowship that doesn’t require accountability, but does allow me to share on a nearly daily basis any concerns or promises that used to require a phone call.

I’m grateful for what I had and also for what I’ve now created in my new home. It’s hard to say good-bye, but at some point one has to let go in order to move ahead.



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