Art by Louise Bourgeois

As I further navigate the journey to publication, I find that continuing to do readings of excerpts from my memoir is invaluable. I had my 8th one today at a friend’s home in Connecticut. She had previously attended a reading I gave in Sarasota a month ago and asked if I’d do one for her women’s group. “Absolutely!” I said, not hesitating.

Meanwhile, a member of my writers group had attended a NYC event I read at in February. “Jane,” she remarked, “the salon exchange that happened after you read was powerful.” The women in that group were in their late 20’s to mid-80’s. “You should record the conversations and develop a workbook for the readers of your book.” That assignment is now on my list.

Today I asked permission to record the talk that ensued after my 15 minute reading. My writing friend was spot on. Here are some of the adjectives the women used to describe my book: funny, positive, empowering, honest, courageous, rich in detail and instructive. I asked who they thought my audience would be. A resounding “US!” was the response followed by a desire to share my story with their daughters.

“Your writing reminds me of Erma Bombeck,” said one woman. “Nora Ephron,” added another.

Needless to say, I was incredibly flattered by their praise. I feel exhilarated by this process which had been suggested to me by a member of my Visions Group. Note the pattern here of receiving great advice and following through on it.

I also requested input for possible cover art. The image above was suggested by one of the women, an artist herself. Here’s where you come in. When you look at that image, what words would you use to describe what you see?

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