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Apr 23, 2018

Michael Katz Sticks in My Mind

Michael Katz

Gems poured out of the mouth of Michael Katz last week at the EWC lunch event in Stamford. This exuberant and growing network was host to this out-of-town expert, the founder of Blue Penguin, a company that helps small businesses niche themselves.

The image on the left captures the essence of Michael’s message – Your 15-second self-introduction to prospects, in and out of networking events, should be so simple and memorable that others can repeat it when asked, “Do you know anyone who…?” Like Martin’s “I’m a driving instructor for your computer.”

Michael reminded the three dozen plus of us in attendance that “we spend too much time trying to prove that we’re capable” and not enough time simplifying our ‘unfair advantage’ so others can repeat it.

His talk was entertaining, useful and got everyone’s wheels turning. In fact, EWC scheduled a follow-up workshop for women to craft their message using Michael’s tools. In his words, “Narrowing is the best marketing tool I know.”

When I’m ready to take on new clients, I will hire Michael to help me get my pitch down to a sentence as memorable as Martin’s. Right now, I’m full to the brim.

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