Inside Passage

  1. Take a look at your business now that we’re halfway through 2018
  2. Attend a reunion
  3. Go on vacation

That’s my short list of what many entrepreneurs do in June. Weddings, graduations, and Fathers Day may have been on your list, if you quantify things like this, but these topped mine.

Tomorrow I leave for a cruise to Alaska. I’m beyond excited. It’s a hard-earned break from my business and busy urban life. My auto-respond message is set. My laptop is staying home. I will be out of range for cellphone usage most of the time which delights me. I am vacating my life until early July.

It’s critical to take time away from your work: to meet new people, to see different sights, to BE rather than to DO. As a business owner, I can arrange my schedule to fit vacation time in. I know that when I return, everything I left will still be there. But I will be different, renewed, restored and with a new perspective.

Wishing you all a Happy 4th (my birthday, and a particularly significant one this year) and sending you my deep appreciation and love.


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