Sneak preview of Chapter 12 illustration.

…when I’m alone. I loved school and still thrive in an environment surrounded by others, especially a patient instructor. But, left to my own devices, learning at home without an instructor, I revert to infancy. I want someone standing over my shoulder directing me, correcting my missteps as I inch along, and congratulating me when I finally get it right. I want to quit, pay someone else to do it and rant that IT’S NOT FAIR!

Tantrum over.

Today my task is to send the jpegs of illustrations for my memoir to the publisher as links, i.e. not embedded images in a document. See? Not that easy, right? I’ve had to go back to the site, trace my orders – this should be easier than it proved to be–then copy and paste the links the artist sent me in numerical order and with the name of the picture next to each link to describe what image it is and where it will be inserted.

It’s taken me awhile (a good 15 minutes) to sort this out, arrange the bulleted list and be sure the numbers match up to my chapter heads. I’m someone who does better with hard copy than virtual links. I want to touch the pages, sort and arrange them, then go back and doublecheck that they match up.

But I live in the 21st Century and I want to continue to dwell in this digital world of ours. So I took a breath, did some positive self-talk and am now almost finished with the assignment.

I wanted to tell you about it (even before I completed it because I’m that desperate for affirmation). Embarrassing, right? I also feel pretty smug that I FIGURED IT OUT BY MYSELF. It’s challenging to hold these two disparate emotions and beliefs. If you’re anything like me and understand this craziness, thank you for understanding.

Any kind words would be greatly appreciated.

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