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Oct 25, 2018

Need to Grow Your Network?

Women’s Media Group Small Dinner

I’m so happy I joined the Women’s Media Group in NYC a couple of years ago. They have a way of making all members feels welcomed and a part of the group.

Here’s a tip on how to solidify any network you’re in from BNI, to a Chamber, to Toastmasters and so on. Create small group dinners among your members!

One fabulous woman has taken on this responsibility for years by first requesting hostesses throughout the greater metropolitan area. She arranges for geographically convenient addresses so attendees can stay close to home or wander further afield if they choose: the boroughs, New Jersey, Westchester and Long Island. The hostess lets her know how many she can accommodate, then a general invitation is sent to the association and members are free to choose.

Last night I joined this illustrious group on the Upper West Side. I laughingly referred to myself as needing a passport as I traveled from Washington Heights on the #1 train while most of the other women walked a few blocks each.

One co-host took charge of the agenda by instructing us on self-introductions which included the basics: name, neighborhood, role in media industry, pets and what you’re reading. By the time we got around the room, I had a list of titles to borrow from the library or listen to on audible, plus a handful of new friends I want to know more about.

Did I mention that the food was delicious?

Thank you to our hostesses Heather Alexander and Julie Blattberg for agreeing to welcome us WMG members. The recipe is simple, the results: sublime!

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  1. Gail Marlene Schwartz

    Fabulous to read, Jane! You’ve inspired me as I am building my network too.

    • Jane Pollak

      @Gail I’m so glad this post was valuable. I’ve always favored small group meetings over the standard ‘fake smile hand me a card’ type events. Good luck implementing this in your area.


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