For some reason, pleading and prayer have NO female drawings on my stock images site…

If you posed that question to me, I’d proudly respond, “This morning!”

I’m working on a deadline these days with my memoir due out at the end of April. Feels like tomorrow with all I need to do in preparation for that event.

Today’s task was to ask people I deeply admire if they’d do me the kindness of writing a blurb for my memoir. These are people with best-selling books under their belts, full-length documentaries and world-renowned status. Who am I to ask THEM for a favor. As Marianne Williamson so famously said, “Who are you not to?” I’ve had significant interactions with each of them over the last several years. I am not a stranger, but a colleague with a request.

Did you notice the transformation? I went from less than to equal to. Do you ever put others above or below yourself? I used to do it all the time. Compare and despair. I’m on a 90-day regimen currently to notice when I do that, to pause, then to bring myself into the present moment to re-assess.

To illustrate: yesterday, I was on my way out of my apartment building when I went into a fully-scripted scenario that had me in the loser’s role. Down one flight of stairs to the exit I caught myself. Look at your thoughts, Jane! Oh, yeah, there I go again–writing a scene where I lose.

Oy! Stop the presses! Breathe. Start again.

I did. I said to myself, Jane, you’re a woman going down the stairs in your winter coat on the way to the subway. I began breathing again and went through my day.

Why do I tell you this? Because I believe this life-affirming practice and affirmation (it’s been nearly 30 days of repeating mantras to myself) strengthened my ego enough to make today’s request.

Whether or not these very special people will grant me my request is second to the fact that I asked.


BTW, two have already said yes. The big reveal will be seen when you get your copy of my book.

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