As many of you know, my memoir will be arriving April, 2019. In preparation for that event, I am updating my website, social media, etc. to reflect its debut. I’ll be offering a new ‘lead magnet’ – that downloadable special something that will have millions offering me their name and email address in exchange for this FREE GIFT.

My free gift is the first chapter of my book. I want it to look just like the print copy, but only had a pdf version to work from. My assistant wanted a Word file and suggested that I hire someone from fiverr to do the conversion. This is what I got:

All well and good, but I detest the A. In the published version there is a lovely script A that leads the eye into the text. This A looks like a stand-alone sentry preventing the eye from moving anywhere. I hate it. I can’t let that represent me or my work.

Fast forward an hour, googling and font trial and error and I completed the task myself. The good news is, I’m happy. It’s not perfect, but I won’t have that agita going on in my stomach when I see something visually that isn’t right. Here’s what I came up with (along with different dingbats up where the page numbers are). You’ll have to ‘order’ yours when this project is complete. Let me know if you want a personal update. I’ll be happy to send you an email message when Chapter 1 is ready for downloading.

Here’s a sneak preview that reveals my obsessiveness.

Better, right?

What are you picky about?

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