While some children are opening windows on their advent calendars, counting down the days till Santa Claus arrives, my calendar countdown is slightly different.

In late October I had an astrological reading which I do every 5-7 years whether I need it or not.

2018 has been quite a challenge personally and professionally, but I’ve been working diligently toward the release of my memoir in the spring of 2019. I wanted to see how the planets were aligning with my mission.

“Neptune is finishing its transit on December 27,” she told me. This means nothing to me, but I value the expertise of those to whom it does. “Then things will get better.” Our call was on October 30, so I tucked away the information. As the days got shorter and colder, I decided to number the squares on the calendar until 12/27 so I would have a visual of when my rainbow would come into clearer focus.

Do you identify with that feeling–in your gut most likely–when you put in your best effort and the return is less than you expected? For years in my egg decoarting career, where there were absolute highs (appearing on the Today Show) and lows (waiting six months to get a $7K check for egg decorating kits I’d assembled), but they were consistent and cyclical. 2018 felt like a very long cycle of lows, even though my output has been consistent.

I’m down to the final 8 days of my count. Somehow, the optimist in me believes that developing projects will fly, that money will flow in and that recognition is coming. As a solopreneur, it’s often challenging to hold down the fort, keep producing and staying positive. I have tons of support around me, but wanted to put it out there that if you sometimes feel this way, you’re not alone.

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