I’ve talked so much about my upcoming memoir that each time I sit down with a friend I haven’t seen in awhile, I’m often asked, “Can I have my niece call you? She’s working on a memoir, and I thought you might be able to guide her.” Or, “My friend Sue has been talking about writing her story for years now. I think you could help her? May I give her your number?”

Of course, I want to be of service to my loved one’s family members and friends, but I know how time-consuming these coffee dates and lunches can be. To help myself and them, I’ve put together a one-hour webinar that gives a comprehensive and realistic overview of the process. It’s taken me weeks to distill down the process to its component parts. This is not just a class on creating outlines and content. It’s more a consideration of taking the long view of the publishing process, enrolling readers early on, networking with other writers, and finding writing teachers, coaches, editors and more. I will share my abundant resources with those who sign up.

My webinar provides a comprehensive overview of the process of bringing your story out into the world. I’ve often considered myself a midwife to other’s creativity–after a 30 year career of nurturing my own–and writing memoir is the latest incarnation of my craft. I want to save you a lot of time and energy along the way.

Telling your story can be a soul-searching, gut-wrenching enterprise in addition to understanding the publishing industry. While I would never discourage anyone from taking this path, it’s important to be clear-eyed about what goes into the process. Spoiler alert! One of my slides warns writers away from how-to’s like Writing a Book in 30 Days.

If you’re considering taking this intriguing journey–and I can’t say enough about the eye-opening experience of telling your unique story–this webinar will provide an inspiring and motivational overview of what to expect, where to get support and how it can be the most exciting writing experience of your life.

Join me! There’s still room. Shoot me an email at jane@janepollak.com or to my assistant, Tabitha, at info@mindfulofficesolutions.com.



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